The 2-Page Strategic Plan for Your Business


If you are here, it’s probably because you are reading¬† Step 6 of The Solo Thought Leader and are looking for the template of the strategic plan. You are in the right place!

The original 2-page strategic plan was created by Chuck Blakeman of the Crankset Group. I was a consultant for the Crankset Group a few years ago and used this plan with my clients. 

The only change to the template below from Chuck’s original template is that I have not included a Business Maturity Date (BMD). If you are ineretested in learning about the BMD, I recommend you read the book Making Money is Killing your Business.

Below you’ll find a short video from Chuck explaining what the strategic plan is and a link to a Google Docs template. You won’t be able to edit the template directly, but you can make a copy to your own G-Drive or download it. Follow the instructions in The Solo Business Owner chapter to fill it out.